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Taste a whole new world...

From mild to spicy, traditional to modern, New World has what you are looking for. Our enchanting dining experience will transport you to the incredible tastes of the Orient.

Serving the sole traveller to the largest tour group, we have been a staple of Chinese cuisine in the heart of Chinatown for over 30 years. Our menu is prepared by experienced chefs from fine restaurants across mainland China, allowing you to explore authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine enjoyed by our locals and visitors alike. Our ever popular Dim sum trolley service is the only one in London.

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Chef's Selection

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Starters & Sides

  1. Crispy Duck Thumbnail

    Aromatic Crispy Duck (quarter)


    Dig in to this classic dish dripping in Hoi Sin sauce with Chinese pancakes, spring onions and cucumber.

  2. Crispy Noodle Fish Thumbnail

    Crispy Noodle Deep Fried Fish


    For an exciting introduction to our fish, or just as a light snack, try these bite-sized fish noodle wraps.

  3. Braised Wonton Thumbnail

    Braised Wonton in Chilli Sauce


    Our mouth watering wontons are perfect for that spicy kick whilst crunching down on the juicy filling.

Rice & Noodles

  1. Lotus Leaf Rice Thumbnail

    Won Ton Noodles


    These steamy Won Ton Noodles are a Cantonese favourite.

  2. Special Fried Rice Thumbnail

    Special Fried Rice


    Generous portions of shrimp and tender roasted pork with vegetables take this go-to favourite to a whole new world.

Main Dishes

  1. Beef Flank Noodle Soup Thumbnail

    Beef Flank Noodle Soup


    Our hot noodle soups are served with ho fun and vermicelli - a comforting and satisfying dish.

  2. Fresh Crab Thumbnail

    Fresh Crab


    As fresh as it comes, served with aromatic spring onion and ginger to enhance the delicate flavour.

  3. Roasted Meat Double Thumbnail

    Roasted Meat Double


    If you like your meat tender yet crispy, why not try a selection with accompanying sauces? Additional meats just £2 extra.


  1. Tsingtao Beer Thumbnail

    Tsingtao Beer


    Asia's most popular beer is a light, refreshing and well balanced classic.

  2. White Wine Thumbnail

    Riesling-Gewurztraminer White


    Aromatic lime and apples with the soft sweetness of peach and cherry blossom sits well with most Asian dishes.


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Our Staff

The Friendliest People

Staff Member Thumbnail

Huang Yong Dong

Head Chef

Chef Mr Huang Yong dong, a highly awarded and national class chef. He began his career in 1993 and became an executive chef in the posh hotel in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen. He has culinary artistry in Guangzhou, Teochew, Sichuan, Shandong cuisine. Especially in this year, he went to the Quanjude Group to receive the training of traditional hanging furnace roast duck,will launch traditional Peking Duck into market. Over 23 years of continuous learning and innovation, Mr. Huang Yongdong is known for the modern interpretation of classic dishes and his insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients, completely eradicate the unhealthful additives. Serving you the best authentic Chinese fine dining experience.

厨师黄永东, 一个高度授奖和国家级厨师。 他于1993年开始他的职业生涯,并成为北京,上海,重庆,深圳这家豪华酒店的行政总厨。 他在广州,潮州,四川,山东美食烹饪艺术。 特别是今年,他到全聚德集团接受了传统挂炉烤鸭的培训,将传统北京烤鸭推向市场。 超过23年的不断学习和创新,黄永东先生以经典菜肴的现代诠释而闻名,他坚持只使用高品质的新鲜食材,彻底根除不健康的添加剂。 为您提供最好的正宗中国美食体验。

Staff Member Thumbnail

Lin Yuan Jing

Dim sum Chef

Dim Sum Chef Lin Yuan Jing, a native of Guangdong Province, China In 1991, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, the first listed on the new capital hotel. 1995 -2003 has been in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City Hotel served as snack supervisor, and served as a large restaurant snack consultant. In 2003, he was hired as an executive in a British restaurant. Mr LIN is the recipient of the 2014 Best Chef Award (Chinese) in the Asian curry Awards organised by the Asian catering Federation Vice - President, British Gourmet Association. President of Global Dim Sum Union United Kingdom.

点心主厨林远景, 中国广东省人. 1991年 广东省深圳市第一间上市的新都酒店入行。 1995年-2003年 一直在广东省深圳市大酒店任职点心主管,并任多间大型酒楼的点心部顾问。 2003年 受聘到英国餐厅任职点心主管。 2014年度第四届亚洲饮食大奖中国餐最佳厨师奖 英国美食家协会副会长. 环球点心协会英国会长

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